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No sweat Irish!: Spoken Modern Irish Gaelic, Thursdays, Sept 14 - Nov 16

Learn how to speak and write the Irish Gaelic language in a fun, relaxed, and innovative community environment using contemporary approaches to language acquisition. Incorporating conversation, songs, and games, this 10-week course takes the pressure and hard work out of Irish Gaelic and makes it an enjoyable and creative pursuit. Taught by Tommy Jeffers. [More]

Turning real people into fiction: Learn how to write Historical Fiction, Sept 20 - Oct 25

How do writers generate ideas and do research to create historical fiction? How do they distinguish between factual journalism and imaginative reconstruction? How are characters based on historical personages ethically created? Join internationally celebrated writer, Nicole Mary Kelby, as she unpacks her 2014 novel, The Pink Suit - an account of the characters surrounding the creation of the famous outfit worn by Jacqueline Kennedy - to answer these and other questions. Taught by Nicole Mary Milligan. [More]

Alison Perkins & Nicolas Brown in Concert, Sept 22 TICKETS

Alison Perkins and Nicolas Brown have been playing Irish traditional music on uilleann pipes, flute and fiddle together for close to a decade. Together, they research forgotten settings of obscure tunes and bring them to listeners with a style that is at once unapologetically old fashioned, fresh, vibrant and spirited. [More]

Travel into words: Writing about (Irish) travels, Sept 23

Learn how to become a travel writer. Reflect on Irish sites while also appreciating their history and significance with in-class discussions and exercises. Discover how a travel writer can articulate personal impressions of Ireland within its contexts as a contemporary European state and also a deeply ancient spiritual nation. Taught by Martie McMahon. [More]

Wild Colonial Bhoys, Oct 6


Wild Colonial Bhoys is more than just an Irish band - they are an Irish American band. Theirs is like a blended whiskey: it’s a musical melding of both the old and the new, from the peat smoke scent of the ould sod to the can-do spirit that embodies the American dream. [More]

From Inner Song to Printed Book: how to write a publishable poetry collection, Oct 7 - 28

Draw on family memories, cultural heritage, mystical symbolism, and the magical Midwest to unfold connecting themes and articulate your personal poetic voice. Study models from the author/teacher, engage in discussions, discover the potential of point of view characters, and complete in-class exercises to kick start your poetry manuscript. Taught by Lynette Reini-Grandell. [More]

Tannahill Weavers in Concert, Oct 13


As they approach their 50th anniversary in 2018, the Tannahill Weavers are one of Scotland's premier traditional bands. Their diverse repertoire spans the centuries with fire-driven instrumentals, topical songs, and original ballads and lullabies. Their music demonstrates to old and young alike the rich and varied musical heritage of the Celtic people. These versatile musicians have received worldwide accolades consistently over the years for their exuberant performances and outstanding recording efforts that seemingly can't get better...yet continue to do just that. [More]

Unique Aspects of Irish Research, Oct 17

Please is an essential element of Irish genealogical research. Learn what records were created and/or indexed at different jurisdictional levels and what tools you need to research them. [More]

Boo: The Art of the Ghost Story, Oct 28

Ghouls, spirits, the Undead. What makes a story scary? In this two hour Celtic Junction Arts Center class, we will explore the history of the ghost story, the elements that make up a scary tale as well as writing prompts that will help you go deeper into what scares people. [More]

Mundy in Concert, Nov 10

At the age of 21, one of Irelands most popular singer-songwriters, Mundy, released his debut Album ‘Jelly Legs’ on Epic Records. The critically acclaimed debut produced by ‘Youth’ went on to sell 60,000 copies around the world. Now ‘Jelly Legs’ has reached that 21 year milestone. It has come of age and remains a timeless, ageless classic. Mundy is marking this occasion with a world tour. 



Researching Irish Ancestors on the Internet, Nov 18

Just how much research on an Irish ancestor can you do online? In this overview of Irish genealogical websites, learn about the basic as well as more specialized online resources for identifying Irish ancestors. [More]


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